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Attend a Kilby Music Guitar Workshop featuring NC State & Galax Champion Steve Kilby

Kilby Music guitar workshops are designed to help players of beginning, intermediate, or advanced levels. Guitar players can learn to flatpick fiddle tune leads like Norman Blake, play melody lines like Maybelle Carter, add back-up and fill-in licks like Doc Watson, learn the intricate crosspicking style of George Shuffler or take breaks in the jazzy bluegrass style of Tony Rice. Rhythm guitar styles including bass runs and rhythmic techniques can also be incorporated into any workshop. My workshops can be customized to suit the needs and interests of your particular group.

Also available are beginning through intermediate mandolin and bass classes as well as a beginning bluegrass banjo class which introduces the three main types of rolls and a tune such as Cripple Creek.

The teaching style in our workshops follow a personalized, hands-on approach, We prefer to have less than twenty participants for each workshop class.

Feedback from some of Steve's workshops

"Another great workshop, carefully organized and patiently presented. I particularly appreciated the tune arrangements, playable with some practice and musically interesting." Howard Jones

"Nice clean explanations and good examples, thanks for taping the entire workshop it left us free to focus on what you were presenting." John Cerrigione

"You gave me great techniques and motivation to practice the songs. The pace was just right so that each tune was throughly covered and all questions answered." Mark Vawter

"Thank you Steve for a great workshop. It was definitely the best organized, best prepared and easiest to follow." Elisabeth Lloyd